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Captain Mulat Lemlemayehu


East African Aviation & Dreamliner Hotel

Owner and CEO of East African Aviation, Captain Mulat founded the company after having served as an Ethiopian Airlines commercial pilot for 39 years. With over 27 000 flight hours, Capt. Mulat has experience flying aircrafts ranging from the DC-3, DH-6, ATR 42, Boeing 707,720,737,757/767 up to Boeing 777 and 787. In addition to his extensive background in the aviation industry. Capt Mulat is also the owner of a four-star hotel and multiple high-end restaurants in the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dedicating his entire career to the aviation and travel industry, his flight experience and management skills are an invaluable asset to East African Aviation.


Captain Lemma Tekaligne

General Manager

East African Aviation

An ex- Air force Lt/Colonel, who joined Ethiopian Airlines as first officer and as captain on DHC-6 airplane. Capt. Lemma was designated by the Ethiopian civil aviation authority as a type rating and instrument rating examiner on DHC-6. Following this, he was the manager of Ethiopian airlines pilot training school for 7 years and was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Revising the Pilot Training Curriculum.

Capt. Lemma successfully introduced the MPL (Multi Crew License) Program in the Ethiopian Airlines, which has graduated over 20 MPL Pilots. His efforts led to this becoming one of the biggest number of graduates in the world in MPL Program.

Capt. Lemma’s flight experience includes flying the following aircrafts: Saab Safir T-28A, T-37, T-38, Mig-21, Antonov -12, SF-260, DHC-6 and DA-40.

Capt. Lemma’s educational background includes a diploma in Aeronautical Administration from the Ethiopian Air Force Academy, a Diploma in American Language from USA, and a Bachelor Degree in Management and Public Administration from Addis Ababa University


Captain Girmay Fessahaye

Chief Flight Instructor

East African Aviation

Capt. Girmay is a veteran captain with over 20,000 hrs of flying experience. With extensive experience at various well-known airlines, Capt Girmay has flown for Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Saudi Airline and Air Luxor. Capt. Girmay’s flight experience includes the following aircraft: DC-3, DHC-6, Boeing 727, B707, B757/767, Tri-star, and B777.

Capt. Girmay is currently a Chief Pilot at East African Aviation and serves as a Pilot Training School instructor. He is always ready to share his wide range of aviation knowledge and experience to the young and aspiring trainees.


Captain Simon Tafessework

Flight Instructor

East African Aviation

A well versed instructor who has served as first officer on the Cessna Grand Caravan (C208B), and as a flight instructor on the diamond DA-40, Cessna 172 and DA-42NG, Captain Simon has over 2,500 hours of flying experience; majority of these is flight instructor time.


Captain wondwosen Mengsha

Flight Instructor

Captain Wondwosen is one of our young captains with a lot of knowledge and experience as a flight instructor. He has over 2,000 hours of flying experience; majority of these is flight instructor time.