• Private Air Charter
  • Air Ambulance
  • Flight School

East African Aviation is the first aviation company in East Africa to provide private charter services, flight training and air ambulance transportation all in one place. It is a company that has created a safe environment to deliver high-quality aviation services to its customers.

Private Charter — Through years of experience in the aviation industry, our fleet of aircraft are carefully selected to suit both your safety and comfort.

Advanced Flight School — From our well-experienced flight instructors who have a combined average of 15 years of experience to our full-motion simulators and technically advanced aircraft, our flight school offers programs and resources to prepares students for aviation industry.

Air Ambulance Service — Introducing the first Air Ambulance Service in Ethiopia, our aircraft are equipped with state of the art medical equipment and licensed medically trained personnel to provide safe and efficient air transportation for those requiring prompt medical attention in East Africa.